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Orders open on September 1, 2022

San Francisco, CA (August 8, 2022) – AIVIA Jewelry (AIVIA) announced today the launch of the AIVIA Jewelry Set, its innovative collection of versatile pieces, and a state-of-the-art carrying case. AIVIA founder and jewelry designer Anna Marion created the one-of-a-kind jewelry line to address the challenges of traveling with jewelry. Ensuring that wearers have stylish, luxury jewelry that won’t break or tangle while on the go, the AIVIA set features modern, geometric designs; complete with a necklace, earrings, and ring, which all fit into a bespoke case, which is about the size of a credit card. The jewelry set is available in silver or gold plated, with an exclusive range of colorful 3D printed rings available only through Kickstarter. Pre-orders open on Thursday, September 1, 2022, to be shipped by March 2023.

“While in a long-distance relationship with my now-husband, I realized how awkward jewelry was to travel with and it often became broken or tangled,” says Anna Marion. “Having repeatedly experienced how time-consuming and tedious packing jewelry can be, I created the AIVIA set to provide versatile high-quality silver and gold jewelry that wouldn’t be in danger of breaking or tangling, while giving a range of options for accessorizing while on the go.”

For over 15 years, Founder Anna Marion has been working in jewelry design and manufacture. Before launching AIVIA Jewelry, she worked in San Francisco creating jewelry for RedStart Design and in London as a jewelry designer. She received a degree in Jewelry Design and Technology in Glasgow via Leeds University, where she honed her skills with 3D modeling software and 3D printers. Throughout her career as an independent designer under Oui Designs, she focused on creating engagement rings and remodeling inherited jewelry. With this range of experience, she found joy in creating jewelry that is multifunctional, which is a cornerstone of AIVIA Jewelry.

The debut AIVIA Jewelry Set features innovative hinged hexagon designs, with each piece able to be worn in a variety of ways. The necklace features a delicate but strong box chain that can be worn long or short, and features a minimalistic hexagon clasp. A hexagon pendant can also be added to create more of a statement look. The earrings can be worn as hexagon studs, or a jacket can be added in front or behind the earlobe to enhance your style. While the ring can only be worn one way, like its counterparts, it is designed to pack completely flat to 2mm in the set’s custom carrying case. The durable aluminum case is made to protect and cushion the jewelry, and also features a mirror in the lid.

“My experience in making wedding, engagement and heirloom jewelry means that I understand how to create jewelry that will last a lifetime,” adds Anna. “The steel hinges are welded in place to ensure longevity of the mechanism. The nature of the product means the jewelry is less likely to become bent, broken or tangled when traveling with it, so it will last longer, preventing the need to buy replacements.”

The AIVIA Jewelry Set retails at $400, with an exclusive discount on Kickstarter for the initial launch in September 2022. For more information and for future product releases, visit and follow on Facebook, and @aiviajewelry on Instagram and TikTok.


AIVIA Jewelry is a collection of innovative designs that fold flat so that you can easily carry them with you, day or night. AIVIA Jewelry seeks to inspire its customers with a versatile collection that can be tailored for any occasion, mood, or outfit. The collection features pieces that can be worn in a variety of ways so that at a moment’s notice, the wearer can enhance their look and feel confident saying yes to whatever life brings. AIVIA’s modern, geometric designs are complete with a matching bespoke, flat-pack case, slim enough to be stored in a wallet or hand luggage.

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