Top 10 Travel Gift Ideas for Her

Top 10 Gift Ideas for Travelers

Do you need to find a gift for a travel lover?

This gift guide includes some of my favorite tried and tested travel accessories that are sure to ease or enhance the adventures of any travel addict. 

We’ve also highlighted the products that have gift cards,
in case you’re looking for a last minute gift.
AIVIA Jewelry Travel Set
Top of our list is… of course, our mini travel jewelry set. All of the silver designs fold flat into a small pocket-sized travel case, so it takes up minimal space in your carry on, purse or even your wallet! Ideal for everything from business trips to backpacking. Our jewelry set can be styled multiple ways, so you can restyle it each day of your trip. Gift cards available. It’s shipped in our beautiful packaging and also includes gift wrapping.
AIVIA Jewelry Travel Case with passportAIVIA Jewelry silver set with diamond ring on vacation beachAIVIA Travel Case with folding jewelry
Trtl Travel Pillow
This sleep pillow is the perfect gift for someone who travels a lot, especially if it’s on long haul flights. We all know that deep irritability that comes from being on the verge of sleep and then having your head nod… abruptly bringing you back to the reality that this is going to be a long flight! This soft scarf wraps around your neck and holds your head upright, as well as stopping your mouth from dropping open… essential for those with a tendency to snore! 😉
 Trtl sleep scarf worn on planeTrtl sleep pillow scarfTrtl sleep scarf worn on plane open
The Saltwater Collective Swimsuit
If you’re looking for your new favorite swimsuit, check out this flattering one-piece that oozes understated sophistication. I adore the subtle detail of the ivory straps being a contrasting color from the black swimsuit. It finds the perfect balance between offering enough coverage to be appropriate for family holidays, as well as allowing optimal tanning with high legs and minimal straps. It also comes with a matching drawstring travel bag, which is ideal for packing. Gift cards available.
 Saltwater Collective Black Ivory Straps bathing suitSaltwater Collective  Black Ivory Straps one-piece swimsuit.jpgSaltwater Collective  Black Ivory Straps swimming costume
HalfDay's Garment Duffel Bags
These bags are the best travel hack for reducing those dreaded creases in your packed clothes. Hang your longer items in the outside of the bag (like a suit carrier), then zip the shell together and pack the rest of your items inside as normal. I also like that you can pack the duffel from the side so you can see everything clearly. AND it has a wide strap on the side so you can pop it on top of your cabin bag. Gift vouchers available. (The link is in their footer)
halfday-garment-duffel-hunter-green_packedHalfday-Garment-Duffel-HunterGreen-UnzippedHalfDay Duffel on cabin bag carry on luggage
Atelier Prelude’s Cashmere Ponchos
This is my top recommendation for a luxury fashion travel gift. There is nothing worse than being cold on a flight… the advantage with a poncho is that as well as keeping you cozy it won’t drop off your shoulders like the blanket does. These beautiful and super soft ponchos can be worn multiple ways and can also be folded into a pillow. They’re great as a shawl in warmer climates and a scarf in cooler climates, so versatile!
Atelier Prelude Navy Cahmere PonchoAtelier Prelude Liliac Cashmere ScarfAtelier Prelude Grey Cashmere Poncho
Subtl Beauty Makeup Staks
I always use the same six items of makeup, yet my make up bag takes up a disproportionate amount of space and weight. Subtl beauty offers a range of stackable components so you can create your perfect travel kit. They also offer double sided brushes that are perfect for further reducing the footprint of your make up bag. They have gift cards available so you can allow your traveler to choose the products and colors that suit them best. 
Subtl Beauty Makeup Stack for TravelSubtl beauty shadesSubtl beauty parts and brushes for travel
Trtl Packing Pods
These packing pods are essential for every jet setter, but they are particularly useful if you’re backpacking or on a short trip, as you can lift the pods out and hang them up, which gives easy access to whatever you’ve packed. I recommend underwear in one, pajama’s in another (especially if you’re arriving late and you want to go to bed as quickly as possible!) and most importantly for the 3rd one, your on-flight essentials - ear plugs, sleep mask, lip balm, hand cream, glasses and contacts case, hair ties, headphones, flight socks, AIVIA Jewelry Travel Case, etc etc… The hook and hoops are perfect for hanging the pod at the back of the tray table, so it’s easily accessible without being in the way. This is also a great travel accessories gift for someone who’s traveling for the holidays.
Trtl Packing PodsTrtl Packing Pods HangingTrtl Packing Pods in cabin bag
Aonije Collapsible Water Bottle
Top travel tip - keeping hydrated makes a huge difference to your jetlag, but I find it difficult to consume enough water throughout a flight unless I have my own bottle. I particularly love these collapsible ones because as well as reducing your single use plastic use they’re lightweight, less bulky and fold up when they’re empty. They’re also great for walking around a new city because the oval top allows them to fit into a runner’s belt (up next!). Gift cards available via Amazon.
Collapsible folding water bottle openCollapsible folding water bottle fullCollapsible folded water bottle
FlipBelt Elasticated Runner's Belt
If I’m traveling somewhere that I’d prefer a little extra security for my phone or wallet, I wear a runner’s belt. It’s elasticated and the openings can be turned to the inside, making it impossible to be pickpocketed. There’s also a little hook, so I pop my cash and cards into a lightweight fabric purse and attach the hook to the zip pull, so it’s always attached even when I pull it out to access my money or cards. It’s also great for going to bars and nightclubs because then I don’t need to worry about my bag being stolen or getting dirty on the dance floor. Gift cards available via Amazon.
 Flip Belt features for TravelFlipBelt Runner's Belt for TravelFlip belt guide - great for travel
UT Wire Tech Pouch
This electronics organizer makes working remotely so much easier. I like the 2L size because although it’s larger it's still slim, so when I open it, I can see everything. I can even fit all of my cables, mouse, wrist rest and charging block inside. I keep it in my backpack with my laptop, so it’s easy to set everything up and kill some time in the airport or on the plane. Gift cards available.
UT wire travel cable organizer tech pouch blueUT wire travel cable organizer tech pouch openUT wire travel cable organizer tech pouch AirTag pocket
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AIVIA Hexagon Folding Jewelry worn by founder Anna


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