How to know your ring size

How to work your ring size

In the US ring sizes are assigned numbers, and in the UK they are letters.
AIVIA rings are measured in millimeters, this is because there is a lack of consistency with what exact measurement a specific ring size is. For example, you may have two jewelers on the same street tell you slightly different sizes for the same finger. However, given that this is still the common method of sizing, here are some ways you can learn what your generic ring size is, including how to do it at home.
To figure out your AIVIA ring size in millimeters, visit this page instead.
Measure Your Finger - Circumference of the Ring
Use a thin strip of paper and wrap it round your finger, mark it where it meets, then use a ruler to measure the length, then find your size on a sizing chart.
A ring sizing chart is a spreadsheet with multiple columns that show the equivalent ring sizes across different countries, and often the diameter or circumference in millimeters and/or inches.
How to measure your ring size at home with paper
Measure Your Ring - Diameter of the Ring
Use a ruler or digital calipers to measure the internal diameter of a ring that fits on the finger you are trying to measure, (a flat band works best for this) then look up your size on a sizing chart. This is also a good way to learn the ring size of someone else if it is a surprise for them, like for an engagement ring.
Measure ring size at home with ruler 
Visit a jeweler - Fit Test
Jewelers have a selection of ring blanks that they use to determine your ring size, they will watch you trying on a few sizes to see which one fits best, their experience  means that they know how much effort it should take to remove the ring to get the best fit. Alternatively, if you have a ring that you wear on that finger already, the jeweler can use a ring sizing stick to tell you what size it is. If you’re wondering how to find a jeweler nearby who can tell you your ring size, you can search your local area on google maps for “jeweler near me”.
Measure your ring size 
Buy the tools - Do It Yourself
Just like most things these days, you can buy the tools yourself on Amazon. We recommend this ring stick, and these ring blanks. For the best fit, the ring should require a little bit of effort when removed from your finger.
 Work out ring size at home
Once you have the ring
If you need to have the size changed, a jeweler can adjust it for you, to either increase or reduce the ring size. It is common to need your ring altered to a larger size during or after pregnancy, or with age or weight loss.
Ring sizing chart 
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Know your ring size in US/UK, and diameter and circumference!
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